The Art of Jordan Schwager


If for some reason you find yourself in need of a charismatic penslinger then all you have to do is ask. I should hope this goes without saying, but I always like to add that my services become remarkably easier to retain when my payment comes in the form of monetary currency. While I do appreciate any experience and exposure that your project might give me I'm afraid that I, like all other mortal beings am bound by the need to eat and sleep. Having a home and food make both of these things remarkably simple to accomplish, allowing me more time to work on important projects for busy clients. So unless you are aware of a grocery store or apartment complex that will allow me to pay them in experience and exposure as well, I'm afraid I will only accept work from paying clients. As far as what kind of work I do it can be anything from one time commissions to long term projects. I will let you know exactly what my price will be before we begin and I am always willing to negotiate depending on the opportunities particulars. With this in mind Please feel free to contact me via the email address below.